Client: Aarhus Universitetshospital

Topics: Strategic playbook, Concept development, Brand identity, Design guidelines, Global toolbox

AUH Corporate Visual Identity

A new logo, a new identity for Aarhus University Hospital.

The task /

While Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) may have been relatively unknown in its local context, it has garnered international recognition, being listed as one of the top 19 university hospitals globally. Operating under the visual brand of Region Midtjylland, AUH embarked on a journey to establish a distinct visual identity that would resonate effectively on both the international and local fronts.

Our Approach /

AUH is part of a bigger health network that includes Region Midtjylland (the state) and Aarhus University. Ensuring the way, it looks and feels reflects this connection was essential. To achieve this, everyone's opinions and ideas were considered when creating the final look and feel.

Make it right

Our approach was to create all the identity elements using the current AUH core story developed and approved by all stakeholders. Design is subjective, and a solid rationale is crucial in a complex stakeholder environment.

Make it Magic

All in all, we delivered brand guidelines and executional toolboxes, easily applicable elements into the current system AUH use on a daily basis to communicate externally and internally. So going forward implementing the identity wasn’t going to be difficult or hard to work with.

Make it Work
Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Skin, Eyebrow, Smile, Neck, Organism, Gesture, Happy
Azure, Font, Aqua
What we delivered
  • Corporate Visual Identity,
  • Creative Platform
  • Identity Guidelines
Gesture, Font
Vision care, Flash photography, Glasses, Organ, Eyewear, Gesture, Happy, Smile, Font, Community
Plant, Rectangle
Azure, Sky, Rectangle, Tree, Font
Tower block, Building, Window, Sky, Rectangle

Results /

In short, we delivered user-friendly brand guidelines and toolkits that smoothly integrate into AUH's daily communication, making future identity implementation effortless.