Client: Samsung

Topics: Brand Activation, Media Plan, Product Launch, Campaign, Innovative Media

Samsung Nightography at Copenhagen

Light Festival

How do you launch yet another mobile phone in an already saturated market and make sure that you bestow the phone with both aspiration and inspiration? We utilized the key USP of Samsung's new S22 phone: the best-in-class nighttime camera function!

The task /

The task was how to best launch the new Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone in an already saturated market with an impactful idea – AND a slim activation budget. And to make it work in conjunction with global campaign assets and national media.

Our Approach /

The Copenhagen Light Festival is a 4-week festival in February celebrating the light in the darkest period of the year and honouring Scandinavian design traditions. It features light-art installations in Copenhagen by established and upcoming artists. With millions of exposures in the city and thousands of Instagram posts - what better context than this existed to communicate the Samsung S22 nighttime photography qualities?

Make it right

Light art is very expressive, it is quiet and allows for deep and almost meditative experiences as the light art both highlights the city and transforms it. Aesthetics, functionality and balance between light and darkness is the focal point for the festival – and concurrently it is only natural that we try to capture great and near-magical experiences with our cameras.

Make it Magic

With a strategy to create and highlight nighttime motives and amplify the outcome and content subsequently, we signed up with French light artist Julien Menzel to contribute with The PHENIX, a light art piece for the festival. Samsung S22 also sponsored the photo contest and contributed with an S22 grand prize and plenty of world-class nightography content online and on social media.

Make it Work
World, Sky, Cloud
What we delivered
  • Brand activation idea and implementation
  • Beautiful night-time photo content delivered by the public and brought by Samsung
  • Campaign assets related to the Copenhagen Light Festival partnership
  • Media strategy, plan and implementation

Results /

Tons of content by Samsung and festival participants was and is available online. Massive press coverage on Danish and international news sites and programs – and perhaps the most beautiful Samsung launch ever in Denmark.