Client: Spar Nord

Topics: Campaign, Digital, Film, Creative, Media

Cashback: The automatic way to save… up

Spending money to make money has never been easier. 

The new Visa-card with Cashback gives you money back… automatically?

The task /

Changing credit cards is always a hassle: Order card, memorize code, and then… Update. Every. Single. Payment. Service. Yeesh. So, with Spar Nord introducing a new Visa-card to their 300,000 customers, how do you convince them the new card is worth it?

Our Approach /

People need a great incentive to swap out a fully functioning credit card. The new Visa-card had plenty of smart features, but one stood out: Cashback. Getting a bit of money back whenever you pay is simply irresistible in a global financial crisis. And irresistibly simple because it happens automatically.

Make it right

What goes on inside the Cashback Visa-card, whenever you pay? To us, the answer was obvious: a quirky robot automatically makes sure you get some money back.

Make it Magic

We built the campaign around two hero films where our friendly robot – played by world-famous TikTok star Dancing Sfinks – gives people Cashback. On top of those, we created simple ads that focused on the one thing on everyone’s minds: saving money on the necessities.

Make it Work
What we delivered
  • Insight
  • Creative Concept
  • Media Planning
  • Campaign movies
  • Animations for social
  • Ads