Client: Visa

Topics: Creative, Media, Campaign, Insights

The Equal Sponsorship

What happens if you place your sponsorship budget for women’s football on a platform that normally only covers men’s football?

The task /

Visa has long been an avid supporter of women’s football. As the official sponsor of the Women’s EURO 2022 Visa wanted our help to show their support and increase the interest among Danes.

Our Approach /

Men’s football receives 97% of the global media attention and coverage, while women’s only receive 3%. Similarly, sponsorships of men’s tournaments are typically up to 5 times more expensive. To break this circle, we decided to challenge habitual thinking. To reverse supply and demand. To prove a point , we got Denmark's biggest platform for football, – who normally only covers men’s football – to cover the Women’s EURO in London.

Make it right

Visa placed their allocated sponsorship budget to who in return agreed to cover the Women’s EURO with as much intensity as they would normally cover the men’s tournament.

Make it Magic

Journalists were recruited and sent to London to report from matches and write features, social content and podcast episodes followed. We even convinced the female lifestyle media, – who normally doesn’t cover sports – to publish curated articles written by’s journalists. And so, The Equal Sponsorship was a fact.

Make it Work
Visa’s “The Equal Sponsorship” will bring the coverage on par with men's football


July 2022

Results /

Visa’s “The Equal Sponsorship” skal bringe dækningen op på niveau med herrefodbold


July 2022